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Business English courses

Business English discussion
Business English discussion
  • aimed at business people, executives
  • main focus is on typical workplace situations (meetings, negotiations, presentations, phone calls, small talk, writing reports, etc.)
  • usually smaller groups than in General English classes
  • the teachers have been trained in the field of Business English
  • course duration: from 1 week

Special courses

Team work in Business English
Team work in Business English
  • technical English
  • English for particular groups of professionals, such as the legal profession
  • English for teachers of English (teaching methods, didactics: ideas for the class room)
  • cultural-political courses (often in addition to general English) 
  • English and Sports
  • examination preparation courses

Combination courses I General- or Business English + 1:1 lessons

1 to 1 tuition in Business English
1 to 1 tuition in Business English
  • mixture of group and individual lessons
  • one-to-one lessons offer the chance to cover individual interests and work on weaknesses
  • group lessons offer the advantage of more interaction
  • combinations are cheaper than pure one-to-one

Combination courses II General English + Business English

Pair Work in a Business English course
Pair Work in a Business English course
  • usually General English in the morning followed by Business English in the afternoon
  • ideal for business students and learners whose language needs lie partly outside the workplace

Individual lessons

  • the trainers analyse the needs of the client and tailor the lessons to match his/her wishes and interests
  • course content highly flexible; recommended for candidates having to reach a certain target within a short period of time (for example having to prepare for lectures and presentations)
  • course duration: flexible

Please note that we help our clients find suitable language schools. The schools themselves provide the teaching and, in most cases, the accommodation.