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English courses for all age groups

We help clients find first rate language schools for children a well as for adults. For young learners, we can suggest quality schools with host family accommodation as well as boarding schools. We will help with solutions for clients from as young as six to „ young adults“ aged 16-20.  

For adults there is a wide range of general English and business English courses available. The schools will offer courses at several different levels. There are also courses tailored to specific professions and to particular age groups, such as 50+ courses.  

We always study carefully each school’s ever-changing nationality mix, average class sizes and age mix before recommending a particular course. And we never forget the all-important factor of value for money. We liaise constantly with the schools to make sure you always get the very best host family available. Of course we can help if you require alternative accommodation, such as a hotel or holiday apartment.

English language courses for all age groups
English language courses for all age groups

Please note that we help our clients find suitable language schools. The schools themselves provide the teaching and, in most cases, the accommodation.